My approach to weddings is simple really: let you, be you.

My favourite photos are the ones that are unadulterated, unrestrained and perfectly messy moments of life. So it goes without saying that like to photograph with a documentary approach, balanced by a love of portraiture. That being said, I won’t leave you in the dark where it comes to positioning. I keep the emphasis on natural moments, but also give you some helpful tips on how to interact with each other in a way that looks good in a frame.

I believe that a wedding photographer is there to be apart of your day, to throw around some bad puns with your Dad, to have giggle with you and your bridesmaids and poke fun at the groomsman that cares a little to much about his hair. I love adventurous couples who aren’t afraid to climb a fence or two to get that perfect shot. And although you can’t capture the taste, smell or feel of your wedding day, I will try my darnedest to. Because really, that’s where the magic lies–in the details.

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