Rangefinder’s 30 Rising StarsOF WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY

heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-009 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-030

Rangefinder Magazine is New York based publication that is the go-to for photographic industry news and info.
Every year they gather together a panel of top photographers and editors to comb through over 200 photographers submissions from all over the world to get down to the top 30 which they publish in their December issue……

My first instinct as kiwi girl is to downplay this a little, be cool, be nonchalant; but in truth,
I’m so bloody chuffed and proud to be included in this amazing line up of wedding photographers

Those who shoot weddings know that it can be tough sometimes; long feet-numbing days, mountain loads of editing, moments of doubt over whether or not you can nab that hero shot. But hell, it’s so worth it. To get to capture moments that a couple will cherish and hopefully their children and their children’s children will love for years to come.

So cheers to Rangefinder Magazine! To my husband Clancy and Marlowe my dog, my friends and family, the amazing fellow photographers who inspire and push me to shoot out of the box, and, most of all, to my incredible couples who choose me and trust me with capturing their big day.

I hope you enjoy looking through my photos below that I sent through to Rangefinder for my submission…and yes, I had to include my trusty sidekick Marlowe in the photo with the magazine, and yes, her legs are ridiculous.


heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-002 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-004 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-001 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-007 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-013 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-018 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-010 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-015 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-014 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-023 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-003 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-029 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-022 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-008 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-019 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-005 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-016 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-021 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-017 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-011 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-027 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-006 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-024 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-028 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-020 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-025 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-012 heather-liddell-weddings-rangefinder-026




  • Tommy said:

    Holy yes!!! We def organize to meet you next Feb or March when we'll be there!!!

    • heatherliddell said:

      YES PLEASE Tommy! I'd love to meet you and Laura!

  • These images are all kinds of amazing! so darn chuffed to be included in this alongside you

    • heatherliddell said:

      Thank you Sarah! I can't believe the amazing company I'm with in this line up. Let me know if you guys are ever in NZ, would love to meet up!

  • This work is inspirational in so many ways! Love how your editing compliments the mood on every single shot. Breathtaking, inspirational and moving. Well deserved title, congratulations!

    • heatherliddell said:

      Wow! Thank you Marko, that means so much coming from a photographer like yourself whose work I'm so inspired by.