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Natalie + DominicMillar Road Wedding, Hawkes Bay


The Hawke’s Bay is such an amazing place to get married. The grass in summertime turns a golden yellow that is a dream to photograph, and the variety of locations you can utilise are huge. Think rolling hills, riverbeds, sandy or rocky beaches, white cliff walls, redwoods. Oh man, I could truly go on and on…but, I think I could paint this picture even better with some photos from Nat and Dom’s beaut late summer wedding at Millar Road.

The ceremony was held at Pukehou Church, the quaintest, sweetest church on State hi-way 2, and the party continued at the ever gorgeous Millar Road. 
Flagship Events provided the shelter while the minimalist tables were styled by Aleisha at Lucy Chase. The bride, Natalie, who is the owner of Wellington store: Let Liv, crafted her and Dom’s big day with a curatorial and design expertise.

All in all, the whole day was simply superb, filled with sun and laughter and I thoroughly enjoyed capturing it – thank you so much for having me Nat & Dom!

Dress by Juliette Hogan | Makeup by Josie Brenstrum
Flowers by Kim at Lushka Flowers | Marquee by Flagship Events | Tables and decor by Lucy Chase
Jaguar Mark II by Unique Car Rentals | Reception at Millar Road



Julia + GrahamThe Old Church Wedding, Napier



Julia and Graham were married on a true blue spring day. Clear and bright with scattered sun showers, the day was electric with that kind of energy you get in early spring and the budding anticipation of two wonderful humans doing this crazy thing called marriage.

Their wedding had a touch of Old Hollywood inspiration with a heck of a lot of classic elegance. The bridesmaids wore tones of champagne and gold, topped with fur shawls. The men wore timeless tuxedos. The Old Church in Napier was perfect for their vision, made stunning by the amazing florals by Lushka.

When she first got in touch, Julia mentioned that she was planning on wearing red on her wedding day. I was sold straight away. She not only wore that amazing dress, she embodied it.
Bright and vivacious, I loved photographing her and Graham in the last light on the Tutaekuri Riverbed.

I’m so thrilled to share this wedding, not only because I think these two are gorgeous, but because I love encouraging those out there that are planning their wedding day to not shy away from picking a date in August or September.
Yes it will be a bit colder, but the light is to die for.

To the brides, how about colour. Sure, not everyone can wear red on their day, but there are so many gorgeous shades of pastel or metallic tones which absolutely sing in photos.

Go on, embrace the extraordinary, like Julia and Graham.

Dress by Angela at Swish Bridal Design | Hair by Suzanne Hardy | Makeup by Cushla Bower | Flowers by Lushka | Groom attire by Ted Baker Tuxedo | Getting Ready location at Blackbarn Retreats | Ceremony & Reception at The Old Church, Hawkes Bay



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